Cistercian Abbey & Chapel

Simple approaches to sustainability and resilience offer active and passive learning opportunities for both students and monks.

Cistercian Abbey and Preparatory School are located near Las Colinas (the hills) in Irving, Texas. An ongoing master planning effort aims to create a more environmentally friendly and holistic campus. Native and adaptive landscaping offers lower water needs and maintenance requirements and regional stone and aggregates increase the permeability of the site along walkways and in courtyards. Open outdoor spaces provide extensions from and connections between adjacent indoor spaces at the abbey’s Chapel and Retreat House and the school's Founders’ Hall and Science Building. These provide spaces that encourage impromptu and planned gatherings, ceremonies and moments for contemplation. Site-built furnishings, art installations, and thoughtful landscape zones help to establish these spaces as new hubs of activity on campus.


Millicent Harvey


Irving, Tx

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