Carla Ridge

A simple palette of water, stone, and wood create outdoor rooms with precisely detailed design elements.

This Trousdale home embodies minimalist design that assists in maximizing the outdoor spaces. Upon arrival, a pristine stone motor court features a sculptural specimen olive tree, the first offering of art within the landscape of the compound. Water quickly engages visitors as a mirrored connective element that flows from the entry to the back view over the Santa Monica Mountains. Black granite and Mexican beach pebbles amplify the reflective quality of the water, bringing it to the edge of the living spaces and to an infinity edge beyond, to replay glimpses of the architecture, elements of the garden, and the California sky. The arid garden beyond softly nestles structure and is activated by breezes, dappled sunlight, and bold sunsets.


Shubin Donaldson

Interior Design



Hill Construction


Douglas Friedman


Trusdale Estates, CA

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